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Šahmatik Stara Pazova fabrika za proizvodnju plastike Partneri šahmatik Stara Pazova Sahmatik kalupi za plastiku

About us : Sahmatik lider in plastic wares production


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SAHMATIK d.o.o. from Stare Pazove

We are looking for a strategic partner for joint investments in widening our production and in providing new products and services.

These are the possibilities that we can offer to our new strategic partners:
  1. Recapitalization of the company.
  2. Joined founding in building new production facilities.
  3. Joined investments in new products and services development on existing and on new locations (building factories, warehouses ...)..
  4. Partial sales of the existing capacities:
    • A number of attractive construction land parcels in the industrial area of Stara Pazova that already has the infrastructural benefits like roads, electricity, plumbing and permits.
    • Office buildings, business space.

Šahmatik from Stara Pazova is a responsible company that invites foreign and domestic investors that are interested in doing business in the fore mentioned subjects (production, sales, joined investments ...).

This is the list of our possessions:
  1. Plastic product making factory:
    1. Surface and capacity: over 7000m2 of production, storage and business areas.
    1. Assortment of products: Over 350 plastic modeling molds and 300 products.
    2. Product groups:
      • Plastic dishes.
      • Kitchen products.
      • Packaging.
      • Flowers, Garden assortment.
      • Plastic furniture.
      • Bathroom and hygiene products.
      • All sorts of small and large plastic products.
    3. Number of employees: around 60.
  2. Building site in the industrial zone of Stara Pazova - Volarsko polje -FOR SALE:
    • Industrial zone Stara Pazova Volarsko polje 6 parcels,

    • View Sahmatik parcels industrial zone see in large map.
    • Click on the blue parcel field for more information.
      1. 1025/1 -75,91 ara down the road 106 second to the left.
      2. 1025/13 - 37,76 ara down the road 106 second to the left.
      3. 1021/3- 37,83 ara down the road 106 first to the right.
      4. 1021/4- 37,86 ara down the road 106 first to the right.
      5. 1027/13- 58,01 ara by the football house second to the left.
      6. 1027/14- 58,01 ara by the football house second to the left.
    • Possible uses: to build business space and industrial warehouses. the location is 3km away from the centre of Stara Pazova, 1 km from the Beograd-Novi Sad-Subotica koridor 10 highway, and 6km away from Danube river
    • Po Existing infrastructure – electricity, gas, water, sewage system, phone line.
    • All the property is registered by Sahmatik
  3. Residential and commercial property in Stara Pazova - FOR SALE:
    • o Location: Residential and commercial complex in number 10 šafarikova street in the centre of Stara Pazova.
    • o Area: over 5000m2, commercial properties for sale are 30 to 160m2, residential properties are 30 to 100m2.
    • o Possibilities: Apartments, business spaces, exhibition salons, small or medium size business establishments...
    • Existing infrastructure – electricity, gas, water, sewage, phone line ...
    • Infrastructure is the property of Sahmatik.

    • View residential and business complex ina a large map
    • Stambeno poslovni prostor Sahamtik Stara Pazova
  4. 4. Krčedin on Danube river -FOR SALE
    • This location is adequate for building riverside properties like marina, hotel or a tavern or apartments 1,8 ha.
    • All the property is registered by Sahmatik.

    • View Sahmatik Krčedin Janda on Danube river in a larger map.

Sahmatik (Šahmatik) is a company founded in 1977 in a town of Stara Pazova. In the timespan of founding to this day the company has constantly expanded and with perpetual productivity and personel expansion Šahmatik has the image of a succesfull and efficient firm.

Sahmatik kategorije

Our main branch of business is the production and sale of our own plastic products. Our products are appliances nessesary in every household: kitchen, bathroom, garden, balcony, personal hygiene, etc.

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Today we provide emploiment over 60 people and our production capacities alow us to work in three shifts a day. We posses 50 machines used mainly for injection exturing and shaping of plastic materials and with over 350 of our own tools we are able to make 300 different products. Today our annual capacities of processed PP, PE and other granules and materials are 2000 tons. Our processing areas with storage departments measure about 7000m2.

We are the largest corporate entity of this kind in this part of Europe when measured by the production capacities, number of machines and tools and the number of employees.