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Mašine za plastiku


Our company is in the stage of phasing in the ISO 9001, HACCP standard into our new operative branch which has new technology for producing special plastic disches for food packing and distribution.

Masina za brizganje plastike

The products are made by injection of polipropilen(PP), poliethil(PE) and polisthirol. The technological part in the process of making is achieved by using over 50 different machines, which are mostly used for the injecting method and use various amounts of plastic. Some of the machines use different methods of shaping like ekstusion(for packing of our own products) and blowing.

masina za plastiku

We own a range of older tipes of machines like Batenfeld, Kraus, Hemšejd, Presmaš, Štork and the like, but we also implemented 20 new and advanced machine tipes whose capabilities add to a higher quality of our wares and with their hightened injection rate and specific design they give us a chance the compete with the domestic companies and with the foreign firms of this branch.

kalup za plastiku izbacivacbriygaljka za plastikukompjutersko upravljanje

This is especially important now because of the new direction that our company has taken and that is food dishes ment for use by humans, which requires high standards of production and we can fulfill them. Our equipment and high quality tools allow us to produce holding dishes for storing or packaging of food.