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Sour vegetables program

Our products for food preservation are made out of pure poliester materials and that guarantees long lasting freshness of your groceries. Many products from this program have made our company known in the southeastern europe because of the unique technical solutions (eggsample. A 170l barrel).


Article num.NameΘ/cmDeepHeightWeightPackage
***1. Set of Barrel with lid -----
20061. Barrel with lid 110l56-5867,51/1
20081. Barrel with lid 170l66,2-62,577,51/1
Article num.NameΘ/cmDeepHeightWeightPackage
***2. Set of plastic can with lid-----
150872. Plastic can with lid 20l34-34,838,51
150292. Plastic can 30l39-39,5431
150312. Plastic can with lid 50l44,5-46,5491
Article num.NameΘ/cmDeepHeightWeightPackage
***3. Set of press-----
220533. Press----50
220543. Press----50
220553. Press----50
Article num.NameΘ/cmDeepHeightWeightPackage
220024. Press pot----50
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